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The School with a difference. Where personalised attention is given to each and every child. We know at this tender age the child needs behavioural knowledge as part of the curriculum and our focus is on this aspect. Your child’s learning is ensured in a safe and Indian traditional cultural environment.

The entire process of knowledge imparting is on DDMAS method. The child gets to involve in Life Skills, thorough Drama, Dance Music, Art , Storytelling will tech life skills . These activities will ensure the child’s growth both mentally as well as physically.

We also emphasise on our traditional indoor games to ensure the child’s interest which improves their memory and retention quality. Swasthi School is located in a calm and serene environment in Sanjaynagar area of Bangalore. Out of more than 4500 sqft of area 2500 sqft is allocated for play.

Theatre for Holistic Development:-

THD – Theatre for Holistic Development is the process by which the individual achieves his/her optimal level of functioning in all areas of development by the experience of theatre arts in all its aspects (dance, drama, music, storytelling, arts and crafts) and is empowered to live a fulfilled and contribute life, understanding its dimensions and transcending them as well.

THD allows the individual to experience the joy of dance, the grandeur of music, the expanse of drama, the focus of arts and crafts and the emotions of story narratives and internalize them to be miraculously transformed by the experience.

THD was revealed to Dr. Ambika Kameshwar in order that the wonderful methodology of holistic self development be created and structured in a manner that it researched all and millions of people could benefit by it over the years.

Basic principles of THD:-

  • THD is based on the knowledge that every child/individual is capable of doing many things.
  • It is individual specific.
  • It is focus oriented – achieving different goal.
  • The emphasis in THD is on experience. Every individual has a right experience.
  • THD focuses on self actualization.
  • THD allows the individual to understand that each manifestation in this universe has a purpose. A role to play and therefore paves way for an attitude of universal acceptance.

Effects of THD:-

Theatre are 3 kinds of development achieved through THD in the tangible format. They are:-

1. Physical Development
  • Improved motor co-ordination, gross motor and fine motor co-ordination.
  • Body awareness
  • Special awareness
  • Body language
  • Improved movement vocabulary
  • Co-ordination/control

2. Mental Development
  • Improved attention
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved comSpecialhension
  • Improved memory
  • Improved self-confident, self-awareness and self-exSpecialssions.
  • Improved creativity.
  • Improved problem solving capacity
  • Emotion identification and emotion sharing

3. Social Development
  • Sharing-giving and receiving
  • Improved communication
  • Group awareness/cohesiveness
  • Awareness of group norms
  • Sense of belonging/fulfillment
  • Deeper understanding of others
  • Develop satisfying fulfilling relationship

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