Welcome To Swasthi School

Swathi School is a non-profit registered society established with an intention to reach you, the general public in person, through its valuable objectives. Hence the benefits of the association shall be open, free without the motive of profit for all sections of the society irrespective of the caste,creed or religion without any distinction.

As small drops of water make a mighty ocean,we look forward to your joining us and rendering the maximum support you can,in making us reach the goals of the association.We also request you to bless the future of this lisping infant, Holistic Development Association with your with us.

Aims & Objectives

  • To Educate disabled children through various theatre activities
  • To create cultural awareness through different cultural programs.
  • To open reading Room
  • Health awareness Programs
  • To motivate children to create and maintain sustainable green earth.
  • To conduct Blood Donation Camps
  • Promote people to join various development programs
  • To educate on safety awareness at home,school and safety Driving and heath safety

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